New England Association of Fire Protection System Designers


In 1990, a new fire protection group was established in the New England area. This Chapter is a unique gathering of individuals dedicated to the system design aspects of the fire protection industry. The New England Association of Fire Protection Systems Designers (NEAFPSD) is the first official chapter formed in New England and is the first ASCET chapter in the nation dedicated to fire protection design.

Fire protection concerns involving both property protection and life safety issues have been increasing world wide at a dramatic rate. With continued development of new construction and renovations to existing facilities, fire protection installations and upgrades are playing a major role in industrial, commercial and residential progress. Fire sprinkler and fire alarm detection and signaling system technology are changing daily along with the codes and standards affecting these systems. Fire Departments, insurance companies and building owners are becoming more involved and concerned with the systems and their need to be properly designed and installed.

Therefore, early in 1990, a small group of committed fire protection design professionals assembled together to discuss the potential benefits of forming a chapter directed towards the fire protection designer. With this in mind, and a few phone calls later, a group of 25 local designers from Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Rhode Island and Connecticut joined to address the potential for a new area chapter. The result of the meeting was overwhelming in the direction of forming such an entity. It was decided that specific goals must be established and the organization of the chapter begin as soon as possible.

After much consideration, it was decided to form the group as a local chapter under the already nationally established American Society of Certified Engineering Technicians (ASCET). ASCET was formed in 1964 at a meeting sponsored by the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE). The formation of ASCET was established to organize as the only national society for Engineering Technicians toward the pursuit of the Engineering Team Concept.

The team concept is based on a group working together towards a common goal where all members influence the final project results. Each part of the team must continue to grow professionally. Therefore, ASCET sponsors and encourages certification of engineering technicians and technologists in their particular discipline. One certification program in particular which is endorsed by ASCET is that of the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET).

This certification program is increasing in recognition throughout the country and plays a major role in the fire protection industry. NICET has within its program sub-field levels in the fire protection technology category including: Automatic Sprinkler System Layout, Fire Alarm Systems, and Special Hazards Systems Layout. An increasing amount of State and Local Code Administrators are requiring that new and retro-fitted fire protection systems be designed by a certified engineering technicians possessing NICET certification.

Continued education including NICET certification and promotion is just one of the common goals of the NEAFPSD Chapter and ASCET. The following is an outline of the Local Chapter and the National Society goals:

NEAFPSD Chapter Goals

Shared goals of the NEAFPSD Local Chapter and ASCET




Who can join the New England Association of Fire Protection Systems Designers?

Anyone who is associated with, interested in or affected by the design of fire protection systems and other members of the Engineering Team.

The current membership includes automatic fire sprinkler, fire detection system and special hazards systems designers, contracting firms, fire protection consultants, professional engineers, insurance company engineering consultants, end users and product representatives.

Membership grades include certified member, regular member, associate member, student member and sustaining member.

For more information on the New England Association of Fire Protection Systems Designers (NEAFPSD)  please write to: NEAFPSD,
PO Box 149  Wrentham, MA 02093-0149, or visit our web site