How to apply for a

NICET Examination Fee Reimbursement



Grants are available to all members in good standing.


Members may apply for one Examination Fee Reimbursement per 12 month

period with a lifetime maximum of three fee reimbursements.


Current NICET Examination Fee is $180.

Therefore, the current maximum reimbursement benefit is $540.


Apply for and take the NICET Examination of your choice.


Send a copy of your Check for the NICET Examination Fee and a copy of

your NICET Examination Results along with your current mailing address to:


New England Association of Fire Protection System Designers
PO Box 149
Wrentham, MA 02093-0149


NICET Test Study Guide



NEAFPSD owns a copy of NICET study guide tapes.

Members in good standing may borrow this valuable information.


Study guide tapes must be returned promptly in order that others may also

take advantage of this information during the same testing cycle.




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information on future meetings, seminars product shows and symposiums.